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Learn Spanish with a live teacher

"Contact me for trial lesson free of charge"!

Contact me for a trial lesson free of charge

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Spanish & Culture is an effective online school to help you learn Spanish.

Classes are given using your favorite video chat like Skype or Google Hangout. 

One-on-One private sessions or group classes are given with an experienced live teacher.


Improve your speaking, listening and writing skills


During your session, you will improve all the skills necessary for speaking Spanish.  Using dialogues, videos and exercises, your teacher will guide you through the particularities of Spanish pronunciation.  You will develop your vocabulary by listening and speaking in a fun and entertaining way about subjects that interest you.


Throughout your lessons you will learn about verb tenses, adjectives, adverbs and the proper way to build sentences.  You will gain the necessary confidence to speak with native speakers.


Would you like to meet your teacher? Follow the link!

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There are hundreds of reasons to learn a new language!

Whether you wish to better your traveling experience, discover new cultures or even improve your employability, Spanish & Culture  will help in achieving the goals that you set for yourself.


Be prepared to meet new and interesting people.  Be an interesting person yourself by being multilingual. Conquer your fears.  Someone who makes the effort of speaking a foreign language is an interesting person to know.  Spanish & Culture will get you over those fears very quickly.  Give it a try and boost your confidence.


If you would like to know why Spanish & Culture is the most effective way to learn spanish, follow the link!




Here are a few fun facts about the Spanish language.


This Latin-based language is natively spoken by over 330 million people across the world and is considered second in the world in terms of how many people speak it as a first language.  Spanish has native speakers in 44 different countries.  Spanish is a phonetic language, meaning that if you know how to spell it, you will easily know how to pronounce it.  More than 21 million students take Spanish as a foreign language, so nothing should hold you back.


Start today and join the crowd!

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