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My Skype Experience with Silvia Ulate Soto

I met Silvia during my language stay in Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica in 2013. She was not only my favourite teacher at the language school but also one of the nicest “tica” I’ve met. Ever since we’ve stayed in contact, almost weekly. It was my idea to keep in touch via Skype to maintain my level of Spanish and also increase my vocabulary continuously. That’s why we started this experiment “Spanish lessons and culture” more than two years ago.


I have to admit that without these lessons I guess I already would have forgotten quite most of my Spanish. I’m always very happy to talk to Silvia. She has amazing ideas how to structure our lessons, brings interesting themes and significant grammar points. I like that she corrects me whenever I do a spelling mistake and also the advice she gives me, how to obtain a more fluent level. She has a really big knowledge and is also a very well-trained teacher which has made all my lessons very professional and varied.


Furthermore I see her as very patient, empathic, happy and motivating. But these are only a few reasons why I can highly recommend to learn Spanish and Latin culture via Skype with this adorable teacher… Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me!  


I started taking lessons with Silvia two years ago.  Before that I had tried other online courses, applications and car audios!  None of these worked as well as my classes with Silvia.... actually they didn't work at all!  Silvia will truly get you to understand the grammar and pronunciation that you need to know to be able to hold a conversation.


Silvia has a way to set you at ease and remove that shyness that normally stops us from really learning a new language.  All the progress that I have made so far is the motivation I need to pursue learning.  I owe it to her.  I can now hold a conversation, listen to Spanish radio and read books.


The fact that I am able to do this from the comfort of my home is also an advantage that I love.  It makes the learning all the more easier,  and Silvia adds to that comfort by keeping communications comprehensive and to my level. 


I also need to say that she makes learning fun.  She seems to know about every topic and changes her classes to always keep them interesting.  She showed interest in my interests and adapts her class to me.  She is also very pationate about her country and will totally immerse you in the Costa Rican culture.


Of course, I am recommending her lessons to anyone who reads this! and who wants to learn Spanish.  She is truly a friendly and amazing teacher.


- Eric Liard

Montreal, Canada

I am French Canadian (province of Quebec).  Since my first communication with Silvia on Skype, I appreciated our contact.  After mentioning to her my expectations and needs, Silvia quickly adjusted to my level and made suggestions to help my learning and put me in confidence.  Her flow of speech and pronunciation is clear and adjusted to my level of comprehension and evolution.


I enjoy the energy of the class where my learning is made in a climate of exchange and laughs.  The program is well structured and respected but can still be flexible if the need arises.


When I show difficulties in comprehending, Silvia perseveres and quickly finds another way to explain my difficulty.  She is patient and continuously encourages me, which helps in keeping my interest and enthusiasm.


Her flexibility for my schedule is an important asset.  She is always on time and very reliable for our appointments.


Silvia is a professional who helped me progress rapidly.  Now I can take better advantages of the trips I make and exchange better in Spanish speaking countries.  It is a privilege to have Silvia as a teacher.



- Michel

I have had the most wonderful experience studying Spanish with Silvia Ulate Soto.  My husband and I traveled to Costa Rica in June of 2014 to visit friends and to attend classes in a Spanish.  We were fortunate to have Silvia assigned to us as our teacher!  

On a daily basis (sometimes even an hourly basis), Silvia was able to adjust her instruction to challenge us - introducing new topics and structures - while at the same time supporting and strengthening vocabulary and grammar we had already “learned”.  The lessons were presented within a conversational context, using the new language skills we were learning.  She seemed to know intuitively just how far to stretch us at any point in time.  

We had such a good experience with Silvia that we decided we wanted to continue online instruction in Spanish with her once we returned home.  Now we have a weekly Skype lesson with Silvia, which is a mix of conversation and specific exercises to focus on the continuing challenges we have with Spanish.  The lessons are very customized to us, our needs and interests.
I know how important it is for me to continue to have opportunities to speak Spanish and to have a highly qualified, patient and kind teacher provide feedback and direction on my progress in the language.  Silvia is the person who can do all of that!      


- Sandra

An Outstanding Spanish Teacher from Costa Rica

I am learning Spanish with Silvia since June 2015. I had absolutely no Spanish experience and find the lessons easy to follow and a lot of fun even grammar. Silvia is a very patient, and experienced teacher and explains everything very well. She is well educated and knows how to teach a language.

It is not easy to find someone so knowledgeable who is able to teach over Skype on a basis, we can talk, write, and even see each other, all at the same time.
Learning Spanish with Silvia is a joy. I can highly recommend her.
Thank you, Teacher Silvia, for all your efforts and patient.


From my very first class with Silvia I knew I was in the presence of a highly skilled educator. She assessed my Spanish language skills and together we developed a custom roadmap to help me achieve my personal goals.


Our weekly Skype sessions are lively and fun with a variety of activities that keep me motivated and productive. I am happy to recommend Silvia to anyone interested in studying this beautiful language.

Mayme Kline

SanDiego, California.



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